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SDI Audio Monitoring Systems

Multi-Input / Multi-Channel SDI Audio Monitoring Sytem


The new M3G-XT allows for SDI audio monitoring and adds the ability to also monitor additional audio sources including Dante™/AES67 Networked Audio, SDI, Analog (Mic/Line) or Digital inputs.

Powerful and Affordably-Priced Multi-Channel SDI Audio Monitoring System


The M3G allows for easy multi-channel audio monitoring—such as surround sound or multiple-language dialog tracks—to external monitor speakers without having to piece together a system using discrete de-embedders, analog level controllers, mixers, etc..

Input/Output Options

I/O Solutions

I/O Options

A continually expanding line of optional input and output modules is available. These modules are compatible with the entire Renegade product line, making it easy to tailor any of the products to the I/O requirements of a video suite.