The Renegade Mission

Renegade Audio Mixers

Our mission at Renegade Labs is to provide broadcast professionals the tools they need to produce audio to the same high standards they demand of their video.

We accomplish this by designing into our products the features needed by video professionals. Features such as uncompromising audio quality using top of the line audio chipsets and circuit designs; audio with a vibrancy and depth commensurate to the video experience. By crafting a user interface that matches the workflow and operating requirements of video—not music—production. And by delivering the product quality and after-sales support needed in an industry where missing a deadline is not an option.

We understand that video professionals live in a rapidly evolving world of new technology and changing customer requirements. However, the more imminent challenge is often to get real work done every day with tried-and-true gear that works efficiently with existing workflows, yet expands to embrace the new technology when appropriate. The Renegade product line is designed for these professionals—with new products and new features for existing products introduced on a regular basis while maintaining the compatibility needed for getting work done today.

Welcome to Audio for Video the Renegade way!

M3G SDI De-Embedding Audio Monitoring Systems now available with integrated GUI

The M3G takes SDI audio monitoring to a whole new level of ease-of-operation with an intuitive user interface combined with professional-quality design. Quickly access any ancillary audio group present in a SMPTE SD/HD/3G SDI video stream, and then isolate individual channels using the independent monitor enables. A master audio level control adjusts the volume of all eight monitor outputs simultaneously, and a unity position indicator helps assure calibrated room setups.

The companion GUI application provides simultaneous control of the front panel controls in real time and the ability to access additional M3G features such as audio delay—making the M3G ideal for solving lip-sync issues.

The small and affordably-priced M3G SDI Monitoring System is a perfect fit for OB trucks, video editing suites, QC bays–or any place where quality shouldn't come second to size or cost. For more information visit the M3G product page.

Multi-Format Digital Audio Mixers

The Renegade Labs Digital Audio Mixers includes the stand-alone Blue|328 and Gray|328 audio mixers, along with the rack-mountable 328|MXE and the M16 audio mixer. All mixers include the features necessary for working with audio in today's video environment, including AES and NTSC/PAL/HD sync, eight bus program and monitoring outputs for surround or multi-channel production, and analog, digital and SDI audio I/O capability.

Blue|328, Gray|328, 328|mxe, M16

The Blue|328 is perfect for NLE suites, mobile trucks and other applications where a powerful yet compact audio mixer is needed.

The Gray|328 has the same compact form factor as the Blue|328, and adds a PST bus and ESAM edit control for a perfect fit in linear edit suites.

The 328|MXE is a 3RU audio engine that comes in either Blue or Gray trim, or as a stand-alone product for OEM applications. The 328|MXE is ideal for facilities that prefer to keep the audio connections in the equipment room.

The M16 is a powerful mixer that pairs a sophisticated 16 fader control surface with the standalone 3RU 328|MXE chassis. The M16 is capable of handling even the toughest multi-channel mixing jobs.